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Holy Communion


In Jesus teachings, he used the table as an image of inclusivity, hospitality, and God’s in-breaking reign. At his last supper with his followers he initiated the mystery of what we have come to call a sacrament of Holy Communion. When we share in this sacrament, we are in communion with Christ and with each other, and pray for a world in which people are often hungry.


First United celebrates the Sacrament of Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month. This is also the day we gather offerings for the food bank.
All are welcome at the table. Usually the bread and wine (we use grape juice!) is served by “intinction”, the dipping of the bread into the cup. Sometimes it is served while people remain seated, in small cups and broken bits of bread.


The worship ritual of communion includes prayers of thanksgiving, remembrances of Jesus last supper, the lifting of the cup and breaking of the bread, the distribution and giving thanks.