God's Spirit Reaching Out


Our Mission is to assist people of the Semiahmoo Peninsula in living a full Christian life by providing innovative programs and a place where people of all ages including young families, build their lives on Christian values and all participate together in a friendly, supportive, worshipping and serving community.


What God calls us to be.


As followers of Christ we are committed to:

  • Being an inclusive community appreciating and reaching out to all peoples as we are all part of God’s creation
  • Being a loving church community that nurtures, cares for and is respectful of “our neighbours as ourselves”
  • Being a community and individuals who are learning, growing, maturing in our faith, spirituality and mission, building up the “body of Christ”
  • Being a “sending out” people who partner with God in creating a better world
  • Being innovative, creative and risk taking as known in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.
  • Praising God always with joyful song and a positive spirit
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